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 Henry Buder's Landscape Restoration CA Lic  #390265         (415) 460-0381
Serving Marin Co. 
      Since 1979

Whether you need a brand new landscape installation or a beautiful restoration on an existing landscape, Henry Buder's Landscape Restoration offers a wide variety of landscape construction services to meet the requirements for your project. We will work closely with you from the beginning of the project to the very end to ensure your complete satisfaction.

                      HBLR's Landscape Construction Services include-

          - Aeration                          - Irrigation                                - Power Washing

          - Arbors                            -  Lawn Installation                   - Pruning           
          - Clean Ups                       - Lawn Edging                        - Retaining Walls      

          - Cultivation                       - Lawn Mowing                       - Sprinkler Service

          - Demolition                       - Leaf Removal                       - Stone Driveways

          - Dethatching                     - Low Voltage Lighting            - Stone Patios 
          - Drainage                         - Masonry                                 - Stone Walkways

          - Fences                            - Mulching                                - Tree & Shrub Care  

          - Fertilization                      - Planting                                  - Weed Control

Shrubs and Trees-

Lots of people let their shrubs and trees become over grown. HBLR can prune them for health and shape and restore them for many more years of healthy growth. Watch our YouTube video on restorative pruning on a Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree.

Sod Lawns- 

Many items in the garden just get old and tired, like lawns and fences. HBLR can restore that tired lawn by renovation-- de-thatching, aerating and over-seeding, or by starting over with fresh soil, compost and new sod. 

Our preferred sod grower is Delta Bluegrass Company, which we purchase from either Watersavers IrrigationEwing Irrigation or West End Nursery.   Click on the Delta Bluegrass Company  link above to learn more about all of the sod choices they offer.

Our sod of choice is 'Bolero Plus'It is a blend of 90% Bolero™ Dwarf Fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass. It has a fine bluegrass-like texture, more drought and heat tolerant, excellent disease resistance, beautiful dark blue-green color year round, slower growing, fewer clippings and tolerates moderate traffic.

We also like 'Dwarf Fescue' sod. Dwarf Fescue is a hybrid, evolving from Tall Fescue (park type grasses) but with smaller blades and a nice deep green color. This grass is strong, is more tolerant of drought and is less susceptible to fungus problems such as "Rust". Dwarf Fescue also bounces back quicker after being walked or played on. (It will also tolerate "slip and slides") 

If your interests are in conserving up to 50% of your lawn water usage, we highly recommend  'California Native'  grasses.

For shaded areas, we recommend  'Special Shade Blend', a shade sod that is specifically designed for up to 40% of daily shade amounts, but will also tolerate full sun. Special Shade Blend contains Tall Fescue blended with a combination of shade blends. It is highly suitable for erosion control on slopes. 

Soil Preparation-

Proper soil preparation is the key to success for your new yard and plantings. A 2" layer or organic compost is blended into your site soils. To a depth of 6-8".


Drainage is one of the single most important aspects of a landscape installation. New homes  will  generally  have  a  basic  drainage system  installed  by  the  developer. 
This system will usually consist of the roof downspouts being connected to an underground pipe which discharges at the street gutter. Normally there will be at least (2) "catch basins" installed by the developer. This existing drainage system will have to be adjusted to make it just right for your new landscape. 

As part of our  installation, when drainage is included, Henry Buder Landscape Restoration  will take responsibility for your surface drainage. When your new landscape is installed, due to new concrete pathways and patios, changing soil grades, etc. some areas of your landscape will be alienated from the original system. For this reason HBLR  will adjust and add other catch basins to your system to eliminate puddling of water. HBLR has installed literally hundreds of systems. Rest assured, your new drainage system will be installed correctly. Proper grading (sloping of the soil) will follow with site soils being repositioned to encourage excess rain water to flow into drains.

       Landscape Construction Services
Installing irrigation lines
Preparing the grade just right before the pavers go down
Cutting bricks for a custom paver patio
Redwood Fence and Retaining Wall construction
Large boulder placement brought over house by crane

    Our crews hard at work!
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Dry Stack Rock Retaining Wall
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Award winning ​Landscape Construction, Maintenance & Irrigation services.  Family owned & operated.  Serving Marin County, CA since 1979. 

Before Power Washing
After Power Washing
Flagstone Pathway
Before Pruning
After Pruning