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 Henry Buder's Landscape Restoration CA Lic  #390265         (415) 460-0381
Serving Marin Co. 
      Since 1979

             Henry Buder’s Landscape Restoration offers a full spectrum of water management techniques, diagnostics  
             and irrigation repair services. You can feel confident in our skills and abilities, as Henry Buder is a Certified  
             Irrigation Technician (CIT) and is  Certified by Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) as a Qualified Water 
             Efficient Landscaper (QWEL). 

            We pride ourselves in staying current with the latest water conservation technology. We know how to 
            direct water flow to maximize the effects of this precious natural resource. From an initial evaluation and  
            installation to technology upgrades, Henry Buder’s Landscape Restoration applies a scientific method to 
            irrigation system maintenance.  

            Over 40 years of experience have taught HBLR to design and install correctly designed systems that are     
            reliable, durable and low-maintenance. Professionally designed computer-controlled irrigation systems  
            supply water using different techniques and quantities for diverse ecosystems such as shade areas, lawn 
            areas, hillsides and planting beds. Perennial beds and hedges can use water-wise drip systems while  
            curving lawns may require skillfully designed spray systems to maintain their color and vigor.  

            HBLR can install the system designed by your architect or provide an in-house design system with maximum  
            efficiency and long life to make sure that your landscape will thrive and the water will be wisely used. 

            Whether you need an emergency repair, a sprinkler tune-up or a complete installation, we can help! 
            Call Henry Buder’s Landscape Restoration to troubleshoot problems, offer advice or show you techniques 
            you can do on your own to keep your irrigation system running efficiently and optimally.  


                       -HBLR promotes WeatherTRAK ET plus™ Residential Irrigation Smart Controllers-

​            Save money, time, and water while increasing property values with WeatherTRAK ET plus smart irrigation    
            controllers, available in 6 to 48 station counts. WeatherTRAK is the proven leader in Smart Water Management

            Features Include-​
            ​Superior water savings - year over year
            Simple - user-friendly interface
            Easy answers – customer support available six days a week
            Accurate, site specific weather data - WeatherTRAK ET Everywhere™ daily wireless service
            No hassles - WeatherTRAK Scheduling Engine™ automates irrigation run times and rain pause
            Money savings – agency rebates are available

​              For more information on WeatherTrak Smart Water Technology visit HydroPoint Data System, Incwebsite

Smart new evapotranspiration based controllers cut landscape water use by 20%-50%

Evapotranspiration is a simple concept that can save you money when it is applied to landscape irrigation. Smart new ET controllers use it to enable lush, thriving plants while reducing water usage by 20-50 per cent. This is the biggest breakthrough for landscape water conservation since the introduction of drip irrigation over 30 years ago.

Evapotranspiration is the amount of water that is lost from the soil through evaporation and plant use. As the days get longer and warmer from March to August, E.T., or the plant’s need for water, gradually increases. Besides the length of day, temperature, humidity, and rainfall all are factored into watering schedules. When rain usually ends in March, irrigation controllers traditionally are turned on and then left running on a preset schedule until well into the fall when it begins raining again. This schedule waters too much on some days and not enough on others, either wasting water or causing plant stress. More efficient irrigation scheduling would read just the system run times to match the changing plant water needs daily, and would water less as days get cooler and shorter in the fall.

E.T. irrigation controllers re-adjust themselves automatically as often as needed without manual reprogramming by using three sources of information: 1. Built in logic has solar radiation values for every micro climate, permanently stored onboard in memory, by postal zip code or latitude. 2. Entered data about each zone to be watered: soil type, plant type, irrigation type (sprinklers or drip), and slope. 3. Real-time data from on-site sensors or wireless E.T. weather data service enabling fast response to unexpected storms or heat waves.

To deliver on these revolutionary water-saving promises, E.T. controllers require correct set-up with site & product specific input. After they are correctly installed and programmed, these controllers operate trouble free, delivering only the amount of water needed by the plants every day, through the wet and dry season, without waste.  

Marin Municipal Water District and East Bay Municipal Utility District may offer rebates and incentives directly to water customers who install these E.T. controllers. Check the EBMUD  or  MMWD  websites for details.

 Henry Buder's Landscape Restoration ®    PO Box 761  Mill Valley, CA 94942    PH 415-460-0381    Fax 415-460-0382     Cell 415-686-9228  
Award winning ​Landscape Construction, Maintenance & Irrigation services.  Family owned & operated.  Serving Marin County, CA since 1979. 

Henry Buder's Landscape Restoration Irrigation Services Include:

         - Above ground Leak Detection​                            - Smart Water Technology
              - Below ground Leak Detection                            - Sprinkler System Evaluations
                    (by American Leak Detector Co.)                                         - Sprinkler System Installations- 
              - Drainage                                                                     In-Line Sub-Surface Drip, MP
              Emergency Repairs                                                  Rotators & Smart Controllers
              - Erosion Avoidance & Control                              - Sprinkler System Upgrades
              - Retrofitting                                                                - Troubleshooting

     HBLR's Irrigation and Sprinkler Services